Some snapshots from past GODFEST Events...........
James Morrison 

Colin Buchanan


         Marina Prior


Paul Colman Trio  


Jamie-Leigh Johnson

Image result for adrian ross australian aboriginal didgeridoo
Adrian Ross


                 Narrabeen Baptist Gospel Choir

Peter Shurley 

Andrew Ironside

                           Lisa Reynolds

                                                                            On Fire Big Band

                    Helen Mottee with Shelly Parkinson: "Chalksong"




    Real Food


Alabaster Box 

Peter Groundwater & John Segond 




Colin Buchanan with the kids
The Frugals

        Peter Stacey


Jazz from Above 

                                                  Jeremy Saunders & Russell Saunders

                                                    The Messups
                    Janine Max & the Maxipraise Kids

        Wendy Cochrane

    Jeff Morris


  Peter Breen

 Jon Robinson

                                                         Daniel Smith & Sharen Stevenson                                                


                                              Mark Moulynox & Steve Messer


Natalie Miller & friends


Elverina Johnson                    

Mike Rayson


                    Emma Robinson

                                                           Green Valley Youth Choir
  Amanda Stewart               

Jimmy & the Wineskins

                                                 Robyn Green

           Hoodsta - Rapper         
   Brethren -Rappers
                                                                                      Graffiti artist



Paradox (Gold Coast Youth for Christ 2004)


the SKATEBOARD COMP................


and then there is the "Big Day Out Family Fun Day"..............


                                                          .. ..






                                                                 families enjoying days like they always used to

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Russell Saunders, Peter Shurley & Glenn Hodgson

  Good News the Clown & friend, Pastor Denis Burns



"I love Family Fun Days"


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