Following are some of the Christian ministry needs which the GODFEST FOUNDATION has been blessed to be able to financially assist...

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The GODFEST FOUNDATION has provided funds sufficient to enable the Mid North Coast Kairos Regional Committee to purchase a laptop computer and digital projector for use in presenting the Short Courses in Christianity in Kempsey Gaol to both men and women.
The Mid North Coast Kairos Regional Committee has been operating weekly ministry into Kempsey Gaol for the past 15 years.



Likoni Good News Church of Africa (GNCA) is situated in the centre of an Islamic slum in Liconi, Mombasa, Kenya.
The Liconi GNCA was founded in 2005 and, by 2008, had a congregation of 112 adults and 67 children and is continuing to grow, but they had no Bibles.
The GODFEST FOUNDATION has been able to donate sufficient money to the Liconi Church to enable them to purchase NIV/English Bibles for all the adults,
and NIV/Swalhili Bibles for all of the children, with a little more for future growth.
One member of the congregation, a lady by the name of Peres, who attends the weekly Widows' Bible classes, said this:
“I had never dreamed of having a Bible – Seven years ago I seriously needed one but after they became expensive, I gave up. 
Now thank God for this Church and those who donated. God bless all. I now have a Bible."

  The Church

         The Pastor, Jonnes Katembo, blind since contracting smallpox

     Children of Liconi Church delighted to receive their Bibles



  Wingham NSW AUSTRALIA 2429

A long time supporter of the Godfest Music festivals, has been the local Rhema FMIt was a great pleasure for the GODFEST FOUNDATION
to be in a financial position to return the favour, and to financially support the Christian music events organised by Rhema.

The GODFEST FOUNDATION and Rhema FM in the Manning continue in close partnership in seeking to proclaim the good news
of Jesus Christ in the local region and beyond.



The GODFEST FOUNDATION funded the Bible Society's fun Youth Ministry leader, Rick George, to entertain the kids at schools in the Manning Valley. 

Rick, who has had years of children's ministry experience throughout Australasia, was a great success with the kids.
He uses multimedia stage shows which feature fun video clips, captivating stories to make kids laugh, listen & think.  

Above is a photo of Rick with his family, all of whom get into the act.




       Love in the name of Christ 

One of the first local Christian organisations the GODFEST FOUNDATION was privileged to assist was
the Manning Valley branch of the organisation called LinC, Love in the name of Christ.

LinC enables people in local churches to network and share their human and material resources in response to needs in their community.
LinC mobilises the untapped potential of Church people to serve with a view to empowering people to develop personal skills of self-reliance. LinC offers assistance to all people regardless of belief, gender, race or ethnic background.




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The GODFEST FOUNDATION saw a need to financially assist the Wingham SRE Committee administering the SRE Program into Wingham public primary schools.
Resources are always used in providing quality Christian education programs into public schools, and the GODFEST FOUNDATION
has provided funds sufficient to enable the Committee to purchase a large quantity of such material.
The GODFEST FOUNDATION also provides funds to the Wingham SRE Committee to enable a qualified teacher to bring
Christian Education to students in
Wingham High School.


Manning Area Christian Education (MACE)

The GODFEST FOUNDATION also provides funds to Manning Area Christian Education (MACE) to assist in employing a qualified teacher to bring Christian Education to students in the two Government High Schools of Taree: Taree High School and Chatham High School. This ministry is also supported by Generate Ministries.

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The GODFEST FOUNDATION has been able to assist this God-blessed Christian ministry achieve its goal of owning its own laptop computer on which to store all Emmaus Community data, records, minutes, financial history, training programs and powerpoint presentations for use both for training and during Emmaus Walks.



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The GODFEST FOUNDATION has financially assisted 24 teenagers from the “CenTRe Youth Group” of the Camden Haven Anglican Church, Laurieton NSW Australia, to travel to Poatina, Tasmania for a week-long “Foundations” course in the Christian faith, run by Fusion Australia.



The ReachOut Mission Network brings together followers of Jesus serving in different ways across the globe, to help Christians engage in global mission.
Manning Valley ReachOut is a branch of this network, serving as a ministry of Missions Interlink.
The GODFEST FOUNDATION has assisted this Taree-based ministry to fund several successful, biennial, mission-based Expos, particularly focussed on youth.




The GODFEST FOUNDATION has provided funds to enable the purchase of musical instruments to commence a youth music ministry.
Young people, interested in learning a musical instrument but who may not have the financial ability to pay for regular lessons,
can attend the Taree Salvation Army for weekly lessons from dedicated musicians, at a nominal charge of just $3 per week.


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The GODFEST FOUNDATION has provided financial assistance to aid in the holding of a major concert at the 500 seat Manning Entertainment Centre
for well known Catholic Youth Pastor/Singer/Songwriter Fr. Rob Galea from Bendigo, Victoria.

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In order to promote the creation of Nativity scenes in the many Christmas Lights displays throughout the Manning Valley,
the GODFEST FOUNDATION provided the funds to enable prizes to be given for the best Christmas Lights displays,
including best home, and best shop, Nativity Scene displays.


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At the Taree Baptist Church a seminar entitled "Islam Awareness" was held.    

The GODFEST FOUNDATION provided the funds to enable guest speaker Dr Bernard Power to speak at the seminar.
Dr Power spent many years working in the Middle East as the leader of an international relief and development organisation.
At the time of the seminar, Dr Power was a lecturer on Islamic Studies at the Melbourne School of Theology.




For several years, the GODFEST FOUNDATION has provided funds as Sponsor of the SACRED READING section
of the Speech & Drama program at the annual Taree & District Eisteddfod.
These funds have continued annually to enable Bible reading to be a part, albeit a small part,
of this very successful Country Eisteddfod - in 2019 in its 52nd year.


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The Committee organising SRE activities for the children in the Taree Primary Schools, sought funding assitance from the GODFEST FOUNDATION
to enable presentations to be given by Quiz Worx
in primary schools throughout the Manning Valley.
Many youngsters were thus able to hear the good news of Jesus conveyed in a fun way through these well-respected Ministries,
which were presented in 10 primary schools and one Kid's club



The Kiribati Uniting Church Youth for Christian Living (YCL) Brass band, Kiribati, Central Pacific Ocean

The GODFEST FOUNDATION has contributed to the costs associated with 
the purchase of
a vehicle (trailer) to transport their equipment to different venues.
The Wingham Uniting Church is continuing to support the Youth Band with
other needs such as musical instruments needed for an increasing membership, chairs for the band to sit on
music stands, tables and even a small marquee to shelter the band during performances.
Here is a link to the Facebook page of the Band.



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